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First Moso Cohort a Big Success

The clever team at Moso completed their inaugural cohort of the Unfinished Business School earlier this month. They provide a six-week live-via-Internet course on innovation for manager from six different firms, five slots per firm. The participating firms ranged from a high-end bicycle manufacturer to a Fortune 200 health care provider to a Fortune 500 software-and-services company.

The feedback from the first cohort included these juicy bits:

• “Great job. You’ve created a perfect cross between business school and design school.”

• “The virtual classroom environment was rich beyond my imagination. I feel like I truly know (my cohort) and we looked out for each other.”

• “UFBS released us from stagnation. Tim Ogilvie finally explained design thinking so it made sense and didn’t sound like horseshit!”

The truth is, a lot of people are working to make design thinking more practical and transferable. The Moso team is just one of them, but their virtual cohort model is an innovation whose time has come. Expect to hear more from them.