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Speaking & Workshops

>> To discuss how Tim or Jeanne could educate, entertain, and empower your audience, contact us.

Looking for a great speaker on design thinking?

You’re in luck: Jeanne and Tim love to talk!

  • Jeanne Liedtka teaches executives and MBA candidates as her profession
  • Tim Ogilvie has spread the design thinking gospel to more than 3,000 people in the past 30 months
  • To discuss how Tim or Jeanne could educate, entertain, and empower your audience, contact us at [email protected].

Want to provide your team with hands-on experience at design thinking?

You’re in luck: Tim and Jeanne specialize in action learning workshops.

“I have participated in Peer Insight workshops since 2006, and they are unparalleled in their approach to action learning. The interaction design inspires everyone to contribute, and Tim’s engaging style stretches each participant to do more, sooner.”

– Ryan Armbruster, VP of Innovation Competency, UnitedHealth Group

“Peer Insight leads the most high-energy workshops of any collaborator I’ve seen. Our people come away educated, entertained, and energized. The reward for us is instant competence and confidence.”

– Emilio Pardo, Chief Brand Officer, AARP

“Tim and his colleagues were insistent on tailoring their materials to use our live business challenges. That made all the difference. We went from zero-to-implementation in a matter of days.”

– Dave Garrett, Partner, Crowe Horwath

We have found the keys to a great action learning workshops are:

1. Learning – not telling
Telling doesn’t equal learning, so we dump the powerpoint slides in favor of a poster-and-practice approach.

2. Live ammo
The cases examples have to be relevant, or people tune out. Our action learning programs use live challenges from your organization.

3. Pair off
People learn best when they try it themselves and get immediate feedback. So we like to create pairs of peers to maximize the immediacy.

4. Head-hands-heart
For learning to stick, it has to make sense, you have to be able to touch it with your hands, and it has to stoke your passions. That’s a tall order, but we hit that mark for HP, P&G, The Hartford, and PriceWaterhouse Coopers.

5. Speed thrills
We are coaches first, experts second. Why? Because experts have too much invested in how difficult their field is to master. We know our action learning attendees are going for proficiency, not mastery, and we know how to give it to them fast. They will walk away thrilled by their own competence, not awed by our eminence.