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The Role of Wards: Things You Should Keep in Mind

Do you plan to try the role of a ward? To begin with, you should know that, like every other role, wards LoL have a number of responsibilities that are obvious from the name of the role. The most important of them - the review control on the map. Every self-respecting player knows that the map review wins the game. It doesn't matter if you enter the enemy forest at the first level or fight the enemy in the 50th minute - one careless movement or a facetch can cost you either an LP or a promotion series.

But how exactly should you ward and which ward is best used for a particular place on the map? In this article we will tell you about what zones are and also show the optimal location of each type of ward during the line-phase. You'll benefit from this knowledge when betting on as you'll be able to predict certain actions.

Things You Should Bear in Mind When Warding

Learn the following things:

  • Zones: Level One. As soon as the game begins, you note that each player in your team has a specific task, which he/she must perform at the first level. Junglers are asked to help with a certain buff and it does not matter if it is blue or red - the top or bot will help it with this. But before the buffs appear, each of the players tries to occupy the point on the map that will give him a maximum overview of the territory. If the enemy team decides to invade, then you will immediately notice it, and other members of your team will have to decide whether to retreat or gather to fight back. But which zone is safe and which one needs special attention?
  • Lining phase. Everything that will be described below can be applied to other lines, but with slight differences, based on the composition of your team and the choice of a forest clearing path at the jungler. Each player has certain areas of responsibility. It is worth noting that during the invade, these zones can vary in size and even disappear completely. Be always on your guard, as your opponent can attack you at any time. To protect the early game and your shooter from unplanned ganks, you must close important points.

After Riot Games have significantly changed the pink ward, the chosen place for this type of ward is the best, since you can always prevent the enemy from destroying the ward. During the lining phase, such a pink ward will give you a permanent (until the enemy champion destroys it) a review that you can quite easily protect from the enemy. The usual ward at the entrance to the dragon's lair will give you the opportunity to control the forester's movements. Such control is a definite advantage. The last ward at the far end of the enemy's bush will give you the opportunity to see the line when the opponents send you to the tower.