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TIME Business: How can managers mine the innovation potential of the middle?
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Washington Post: Tim Ogilvie has a habit of turning around enterprises.
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Design thinking and the new language of leadership.
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Designing for Growth awarded 2011 Best Business Book for Management by 800-CEO-READ.
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Creativity Central calls Designing for Growth “a design thinking book for the rest of us.”
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Advance Praise for Designing for Growth

“The best designers seem to have an almost magical gift for finding creative solutions to problems we didn’t even know we had. This book will teach you how to capture that magic and turn it into a problem-solving process that can create a better future for your customers and yourself.”

– Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive and A Whole New Mind

Designing for Growth is for leaders who wish their organization could grow faster but don’t know how to do things differently. It translates what might seem to be an unexplainable ‘creative’ process into an accessible language and set of tools. There is no substitute for seeing and touching a tangible example of innovation – and then discovering if people will buy it!”

– Lauri Kien Kotcher, Chief Marketing Officer, Godiva Chocolatier

“This book is a magic hat for managers. Reach inside and pull out value creation and inspiration for a process that used to be reserved for magicians of design and white rabbits.”

– Scott Williams, Principal, Scott Williams & Co., former Chief Creative Officer, Starwood Hotels

“The business world is abuzz with polemics espousing the value of design. Ogilvie and Liedtka have cut through that clutter to give us something far more useful. Designing for Growthgives business leaders a practical guide for actually implementing design thinking into their strategic planning process. This book is long overdue.”

– Dev Patnaik, CEO of Jump Associates, and author of Wired to Care

“This intelligent ‘how-to’ follow-up to the first wave of popular design books will serve as a valuable guide for managing a design project from start to finish.”

– Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman School of Business, and
author of The Design of Business and The Opposable Mind

“One trait that sets leaders apart is their ability to turn vision into ideas, and ideas into action.  This utterly refreshing book zeroes in on the iterative dance between ideas and action using simple language and clear examples.  If you feel like you’ve been stuck in your left brain, consider this your road map to creative nirvana.”

– Brendon Burchard, Founder, Experts Academy, and author of Life’s Golden Ticket

“It’s time to demystify design. As the authors so rightly conclude, ‘find a leader of innovation … and he or she has likely been practicing design thinking all along.’ Use the stories and tools in Designing for Growth to ensure that innovation and organization renewal become part of your leadership portfolio.”

– Stanley S. Gryskiewicz, Ph.D., Founder and Board Chair, Association for Managers of Innovation, and Senior Fellow, Creativity & Innovation, Center for Creative Leadership

“This book slices through the design thinking fog to provide practical ways to use design methods that will generate value for your organization.”

– Ryan Armbruster, Vice President of Innovation, UnitedHealth Group

“The most powerful message is the book’s underlying premise: that business is ultimately a social activity performed by humans. With that framework, the authors build a compelling case that user empathy will improve ROI, and they deliver the tools to get you started.”

– Greg Littleton, COO, Smart Design

“Jeanne Liedtka and Tim Ogilvie wonderfully illuminate the kind of thinking that 21st century organizations need to solve problems, innovate, and grow. And they give managers a wealth of hands-on tips and tools they can put to work right away.  Penetrating insight, practical applications—a terrific combination.”

– David Wickenden, Executive Vice President and Senior Partner, Fleishman-Hillard

Designing for Growth fuses an inspired point of view and a coherent framework for understanding how practitioners can step up the intensity of their innovation efforts. Rich in engaging anecdotes and practical guidelines, the book avoids the drudgery of an academic methodology, by design.”

– R. Lemuel Lasher, Chief Innovation Officer, CSC

“This isn’t a book of answers.  It’s a book of questions, of how to choose the best ones, and how to get customers and partners to answer them.  That’s the crux of design thinking.  The simple organizing framework – What is? What if? What wows? What works? – is my new mantra for innovation and growth.”

– Mark Stein, Managing Director, Kaiser Associates, and author of Successful Onboarding