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Why May You Need to Use an Online PDF Converter?

One of the most well-known text-based PDF formats is widespread on the Internet due to its undeniable advantages over the doc format. A PDF file can always be seen in the form in which it exists, it can be printed and cannot be edited either intentionally or by accident. There are many programs that allow you to open and read the file in PDF format. In addition, they can be stored in your favorites, sent by e-mail. This is very convenient if you do not have access to the scanner. Also, it is very convenient to review the file, underline something, use scaling, clicking on links and other tools. PDF files are easily replicated in any number of copies.

Which Functions Will Be Available After the Convertation?

You may face a situation when the reverse procedure is required. Probably, each of us faced the problem of converting PDF to an editable format, such as DOC, DOCX or TXT. Often, there is a need to use some fragment of a PDF file to prepare your document or even edit the content of an article, report or contract in PDF. The resulting PDF file must be converted to Word in order to work with it making edits. In this case, the online PDF to Word converter will be useful.

Using it, you can download a file to the converter, wait until the file is converted and then download the file. Sounds as easy as ABC, doesn't it? Today, there are even converters that allow you to change PDF files into Excel spreadsheets and other programs.

The big plus of such converters is the ability to scan any printed document in PDF format, and then convert it to any of the programs, and then edit the document, keeping the original formatting. There is no need to re-type all the data, especially if there are many files. If there is no need to edit the entire file, then you can convert only part of the document and edit it. It is very convenient as it saves much time.

In addition, according to the privacy policy, documents after a certain time after conversion are deleted from the server irretrievably. There are versions of readers and converters for various mobile devices, so you can edit documents even outside the Microsoft Office. Most converters work on any platforms. Using the PDF editor, you can add new paragraphs, correct typos, and reorder pages! As you can see, a number of additional functions will be available if you convert your PDF file to Word. Check how to convert from PDF by following this step-by-step guide before you get started!