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Oh Man, This is F-U-N.

Wow! Yesterday I dropped a casual note to, oh, about 1,000 people in my contact database, letting them know the book had launched. This is a new experience, so I was not prepared for the delighted replies I have received in the first 24 hours. Here’s a sample.

Congratulations Tim!!!!! What an amazing accomplishment. I can’t wait to read it.

Congratulations on the book and I was very impressed with the thinking at the off-site a couple of weeks ago.

It will no doubt change the lives of you and Jeanne! I look forward to being among your emissaries.

CONGRATS TIM! Since we met, I have always been impressed with how you think and communicate. This is a natural step in your career. I will certainly be looking for the book!

Congrats on this fantastic achievement! I plan to buy the book today—hopefully you will inscribe the book for me the next time I see you. I want to get to you before you are even more rich and famous! J

Congratulations on your book!!! I just checked it out on Amazon and see the section about [XXXXX] and [YYYYY]. So very exciting. Do I get a signed copy from the authors??!!

Congratulations! Having our discussions in mind, I am sure that the book will be inspiring and hands-on likewise. NB: I have also had the pleasure to act as author and co-author of three business books in the past years. None of them ever became a bestseller but the feeling of seeing it published after months of sweat & tears is priceless.

Great news! I immediately ordered the book over night (European time zone).

Fantastic. Watched the video which is great. Congrats. I am so proud of you. This is a huge achievement.