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D4G: Countdown to Book Launch

This is the week our book goes on sale in bookstores, both online and brick-and-mortar. A case of books just arrived at my desk, but I decided not to open it until I get home, so I can share the experience with my wife, Caroline. [Right now you are probably gagging and saying, "C'mon, it's a book, not a baby." And you'd be right.]

Usually I am prone to be blase about milestones — I skipped my graduation ceremonies from HS, college, and grad school — but that hasn’t always served me well. In fact, not only am I going to attend parties for this milestone, but I’m also HOSTING them … one in DC, one in NYC. They are called “book launch parties” and come with wine, cheese, and a gift bag. If you know me, and you live near either of those cities, you’ll be getting an invitation. Stay tuned. With any luck, I’ll see you there.