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Benefits of going fully remote with a virtual phone number for SMS

Do you consider using a virtual phone number for SMS ? Is it how you are going to develop your marketing campaign? Here's everything you should know about using a virtual phone line.

At SMS-man, you can get a virtual phone number, namely a telephone number that is not connected with a specific phone device or line. It allows you to redirect and route calls from one number to another number, IP address, or device.

What are the benefits of a virtual phone number?

Virtual phone numbers make up a strong list of benefits to support small businesses in their fight against large corporations. They make corporate activities flexible in hardware and cost-saving potential. Similar to traditional business landlines, virtual phone numbers can be incredibly effective for businesses of different sizes, types, and orientations.

1. Ability to get calls in any location

Without being linked to a physical location, you can get calls whenever and wherever you feel like it. For example, if someone in your company wants to stay anonymous, you can assign a virtual number to their mobile phone.

2. Incoming call distribution

Incoming calls can be redirected to office phones. You can do this by turning your virtual phone line into a call queue or ring group. Depending on your preferences, you will ring the phone of that employee who is assigned to be part of the queue in a set up order.

3. Localized phone numbers

If your office is situated in a different area than your customer base, you can collect a local area code to your phone line. This way, you will strengthen your presence in a key area and weakens costs on incoming calls. Average users are more likely to take calls from a local number than one with an area code they don't know.

4. Use in marketing campaigns

You can also keep track of customer metrics through your virtual phone line. Many CRM mechanisms allow you to attach a unique number to a specific campaign. For instance, you will find out if someone is calling with the specific inquiry based on the number itself. This data can be useful for efficient evaluation activities.

5. Several equipment charges

Virtual phone lines can protect your business from unpleasant losses. Because they are 100% virtual, requiring no hardware, equipment, installation, or maintenance.

Virtual phone numbers at SMS-man rely on the internet rather than a mobile operator. It gives you immense flexibility in customer’s use. You can establish the work of your phone number and mobile line in the most convenient way.