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Basic Cybersports Disciplines and Volume of Prize Pools

There are countless online games, which are hosted by various international competitions. The most commercially successful for cybersports disciplines to consider are the so-called "Big Three": Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends you can bet . Valve conducts several multi-million dollar tournaments a year - the so-called "major", and the culmination of the playing season is the iconic The International. In 2016, the prize fund was a record $ 20,770,640.

This amount is the largest prize fund in e-sports history. True, it is worth noting that most of the prize pools of the tournaments for Dota 2 from Valve is going from buying users "compendiums." Moreover, in addition to the tournaments from Valve, there is a huge number of competitions from third-party organizers, with less prize money.

Competitors of Dota 2

But competitor of Dota 2 - League of Legends - promotes another policy. All major tournaments among professional teams are controlled directly by Riot Games. The prize fund of the 2016 World Championships (LoL 2016 World Championship) was more than $ 5 million. Modest than the competitor, of course, but in a global sense - this policy also has its advantages. Some unscrupulous third-party organizers just disappear with the prize fund. Riot Games also controls the payment of all the prizes on time.

The most popular shooter from Valve - Counter-strike: Global Offensive so far only pulls up to such figures (the prize fund of the current "major" for Counter-Strike, passing in Atlanta, is "only" 1 million dollars), but no doubt that in the near future, the prize pools in cybersports tournaments will skyrocket. The game is dynamic and interesting for a wide audience - even those who are not keen on e-sports will understand it - which opens the gates to it, first and foremost, to public television.

Also, to the above three disciplines with the highest prize pools, it is worth adding at least two more: Hearthstone and Starcraft 2. Having survived its heyday in 2011-2013, the strategy from Blizzard is now in decline, and, unfortunately, there are no prerequisites for aligning the situation. Starcraft is still popular in Korea, but even in the homeland of e-sports some players are already changing game discipline. The game is on the fourth place on the total prize for the whole history of eSports - about 21 million dollars, but the largest tournament prize pool was only 500 thousand dollars.